Women in Derivatives (WIND) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, established in 2007, whose mission is to attract, retain, educate and develop female leaders in the financial industry. WIND provides targeted channels for education, mentoring and sponsorship, leveraging senior leaders within our organization. WIND’s members – women in trading, sales, law, economics, portfolio management, risk, marketing, research, academia, government, operations and technology – are committed to helping the next generation of women leaders. In order to aid young women in financial fields, with demonstrated leadership
potential, to acquire the skills necessary to propel their careers forward, WIND is providing this scholarship.

The applicant must

  • Be a woman working in the financial industry
  • Have graduated from an undergraduate institution within the last 8 years.

Application requirements:
Applicants must submit:

  • An application on the WIND website
  • Recommendation from one member of management describing
    their leadership propensity.

Finalists will be interviewed by a WIND member.


  • Winner(s) will receive a cash prize in order to pay the tuition of a discrete finance-related course. The prize per each application will be
    no more than $1,500.

Application Deadline:

  • Completed applications are due by November 30, 2022.

Please reach out to Petal Walker (petal.walker@womeninderivatives.org), Jackie Mesa (jackie.mesa@womeninderivatives.org) or Deborah North (deborah.north@womeninderivatives.org) if you have any questions.