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Investment Regulatory Risk Analyst

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The Investment Regulatory Risk Analyst supports the investment regulatory risk activities for GuideStone Capital Management and GuideStone Funds to ensure compliance with SEC and other regulatory requirements. This position’s responsibilities include activities around:

  • Derivatives Risk
  • Valuation Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Market and Credit Risk

What you will do:

  • Assist with the derivatives risk management program required by SEC Rule 18f-4. This includes the identification and assessment of the Funds’ derivatives risks, the enforcement of investment or risk management guidelines, stress testing, backtesting, internal reporting and escalation of material risks.  Due diligence and oversight of one or more third-party vendors and coordination with Portfolio Management will be required to comply with the regulatory limit on fund leverage risk.
  • Participate on the Valuation Committee and maintain policies and procedures related to the valuation of Fund investments as required by SEC Rule 2a-5.  This includes assessing and managing valuation risks, establishing, applying and testing fair value methodologies, and coordinating the due diligence and oversight of the Funds’ external accountant and administrator, as well as pricing vendors.
  • Participate in the Liquidity Risk Management Committee.  Administer the Funds’ liquidity risk management program and policies and procedures as required by SEC Rule 22e-4.  This includes the assessment, management, and periodic review of liquidity risk, and classifying the liquidity of Fund investments. Due diligence and oversight of one or more third-party vendors and coordination with Portfolio Management will be required.
  • Evaluate the risks attributable to new investments, determine the mechanisms for controlling operational risks, and assess the adequacy of the Funds’ investment, issuer and counterparty credit risk management.

What you will need:

  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • FRM or CFA preferred.
  • Relevant experience regarding the management of derivatives risk, e.g., through portfolio management, compliance, or accounting.  This needs to include a thorough understanding of the different types of derivatives and the unique attributes of each.
  • Organizational understanding, influence and relationships to advance program goals through coworkers who do not report to this position.
  • Understanding of the ’40 Act and Registered Investment Companies.
  • Knowledge of and ability to research and determine risk management best practices. Ability to adapt and apply best practices to GuideStone’s business model, resource availability and organizational culture.
  • Leadership skills to motivate others to action to maintain and enhance programs.
  • Time management skills to efficiently balance the demands of this position’s programs.
  • Judgement to determine where to apply time, resources and energy to sustain and develop different programs at various times, considering internal and external factors.
  • Strong analytical skills to dig into details and deliver sound defensible reasons for program objectives, strategies and tactics.
    Strong project management skills to efficiently achieve program goals.
  • Broad and effective communication skills to work with trustees, executives, third-parties, managers and front-line employees through various verbal and written formats.
  • Tenacity and internal motivation to independently advance program goals and overcome impediments and challenges.
  • Fundamental understanding of GuideStone’s business models, operations and reputational factors.
  • Travel is required up to 5% annually.
  • Proficient skills in MS Office and appropriate GuideStone system applications.
  • Must have complete confidentiality regarding GuideStone business matters.

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