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Women in Derivatives was founded by established leaders to support the development of women in the derivatives industry. We provide scholarships, mentoring and educational programs.

While women have represented at least 50% of college graduates since the 1980’s, female leadership in numerous professions has remained consistently low, particularly in corporate America. In the U.S., only 14.6% of executive officers and 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. In financial services, women make up 54.2% of the labor force but only 12.4% of executive officers, and none are CEOs.

Women in Derivatives (WIND) is a non-profit organization that was organized in 2007. Our core mission is to educate, guide, mentor and sponsor the professional development of women in the financial services industry, particularly in the area of derivatives. It aims to help women succeed and achieve leadership positions in a number of ways including:

    (i) offering one-one-one education and mentoring;(ii) organizing events to educate women on topical issues and different experiences and paths to success;

      and (iii) providing


    to young women interested in the technology, math, science and finance fields.

A summary of these activities is below. While currently focused on serving women in New York, WIND is currently expanding its educational opportunities and programs to Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles and London and expects future growth around the globe.

I. One-On-One Education and Mentoring

WIND currently has over 3,000 members in the financial industry, which consist of women with a range of backgrounds, positions and seniority. WIND aims to pair its senior members with junior members to create individualized education and mentoring opportunities for junior women, which are critical to their success. Studies have shown that woman who found mentors through formal programs were 50 percent more likely to be promoted than women who found mentors on their own.

II. Educational Events

WIND hosts educational forums several times a year. Since 2007, WIND has obtained over a dozen sponsors that have funded the forums where leading men and women speak about a variety of topical issues. Our directors and committee chairs volunteer their time to develop the educational events, including finding sponsors, qualified instructors/speakers and venues. The success of these educational events and the overwhelming demand for them has encouraged WIND to offer additional educational programs. Several of the last educational events can be found under Programs.

III. Providing Scholarships and Support to Young Women Interested in Technology, Math, Science and Finance

In order to achieve our goal of helping women succeed in financial services and other traditionally male-dominated arenas, WIND recognizes that women must be educated, supported, and encouraged to pursue these fields well before college graduation or when they seek graduate degrees. To that end, WIND intends to create a scholarship program, offering scholarships and grants of $3,000 to as many qualified women as it can on an annual basis who are interested in pursuing careers in technology, math, science and finance. At the outset, WIND anticipates hiring Scholarship Management Services, a division of Scholarship America, to help implement its scholarship program because of its expertise. Applicants to the WIND scholarships must be high school seniors, college students or college graduates who plan to enroll in full-time study in the areas of technology, math, science or finance. Scholarship recipients will be selected by Scholarship Management Services based upon academic record, potential to succeed, leadership and participation in community activities. In order to avoid any conflict of interest, no child of a WIND board member or committee member will be selected.

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NOTE: Some features of our site are still under construction. Please contact us if you would like a prompt response or additional information.

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