See past and upcoming WIND educational programs here.

Women in Derivatives • WIND • spends effort to ensure that our educational forums provide thorough, useful and tailored content to enhance the knowledge of participants in important key areas.  We have covered issues related to regulations, tax, economics, market structures, among many others. Learn more about Women in Derivatives Board Members.

Have you attended an event?  We want to hear from you!  Do you have ideas as to other topics?  Please contact Women in Derivatives and tell us what you think!

WIND hosts educational forums several times a year. Since 2007, WIND has obtained over a dozen sponsors that have funded the forums where leading men and women speak about a variety of topical issues. Our directors and committee chairs volunteer their time to develop the educational events, including finding sponsors, qualified instructors/speakers and venues. If you are interested in attending an event, join Women in Derivatives now! The success of these educational events and the overwhelming demand for them has encouraged WIND to offer additional educational programs.

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