Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Finance

WIND's upcoming event, "Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Finance," will be held on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018, from 6:00-9:00pm, at Barclays in New York City.

Unfortunately this event is at capacity. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please fill out the information below and we will let you know immediately when a space becomes available.

Need to modify your registration? Use the form below.

NameRSVP Status
Abby Corrigan Yes
Abigail Clark Yes
Ada Cheung Yes
Adela Khadir Yes
Adrienne During Yes
Aerlia MacLaird Yes
Afsheen Ali Yes
Aia Tulepbergenova Yes
Ajitha Ramalingam No
Alda Tushe Yes
Alex Fredericks Waitlist
Alexa Elias Yes
Alexandra Cortina Waitlist
Alexandra Scheibe Yes
Alexandra Nicolosi Yes
Alexia Delorme Yes
Alexis Ortiz Heaney Yes
Alice Yurke Yes
Alicia Llano Yes
Alina Sullivan Waitlist
Alina Rath Yes
Alina Casner Yes
Alison Fraser Yes
Alison Rooney Yes
Allie Hunt Yes
Allison Morrow Yes
Ally Huchro Yes
Allyson Carine Yes
Amanda Citron No
Amanda Ens Yes
Amanda Smith Yes
Amelia Dobronyi Yes
Aminata Cisse Yes
Amit Patel Yes
Amrit Gill Yes
Amrit Gill Yes
Amy Kim Yes
Amy Chan Yes
Analisa Noglows No
Anastasiya Borys Yes
andrea caellier Waitlist
Andrea Catellier Yes
Andrea Pfenning Yes
Andrea DeSosa Yes
Andrea O'Toole Yes
Andrea Gildea Yes
Andrea Enman Yes
Andriana Cruz Yes
Andy Yan Yes
Angela Clark Yes
Angela Proske No
Angelina Ilchenko Waitlist
Angie Karna Yes
Anika Narula Yes
Anisha Gulati Yes
Ann Miner No
Ann Tirado Yes
Anna Besyakova Yes
Anna-Liza Harris Yes
Anne Forbes Yes
Annemarie Kane Yes
Anthony DeCandido Yes
Antoinette Wynn Yes
Anush Pogosyan Yes
Anya Boutov Yes
Aparna Bhattacharya Yes
Arez Mardoukhi Yes
Arlene Lam Yes
Arseniy Trakht No
Aruna Parthiban Yes
Asanda Magawu Yes
Ashley Azevedo Waitlist
Audrey Wagner Yes
Aurelienne DEON Yes
Aurora Appel Yes
Avery Singer Yes
Ayan Qu Yes
Bailey Kessing Yes
Bethany Turner Yes
Betsy Colucci Yes
Bettina Turck-Avery No
Bettina Buss Yes
Beverly Daniel No
Bianca Cesario No
Brandon Sherman Waitlist
Brian Mahoney Yes
Brittany Garland Yes
Bruce Rhoades Yes
Caitlyn Gale Waitlist
Cam Fuller Yes
Camille DaCosta No
Canney Chen Yes
Careena Braganza Yes
Carline Murphy Yes
Carol Lucito Yes
Carole villoresi Waitlist
Caroline Cong Yes

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