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Women in DerivativesWomen in Derivatives (WIND) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to attract, retain, educate and develop female leaders in the financial industry.  We provide targeted channels for education, mentoring and sponsorship, leveraging senior leaders within our organization. Our participants include people in trading, sales, law, economics, portfolio management, risk, marketing, research, academia, government, operations and technology.  


WIND’s programs are complimentary to registrants and are supported by the generous donations of individuals and corporations. While currently in New York, London, Washington, D.C., Florida and Los Angeles, WIND is expanding its educational forums and programs to Boston and Chicago and expects future growth around the globe. Join WIND to participate!

Educational Forums.  WIND spends significant time and effort to ensure that our educational forums provide thorough, useful and tailored content to enhance the knowledge of participants.  We have covered issues related to regulations, tax, economics and market structures, among many others.

Mentoring.  WIND currently has over 5,000 participants in the financial industry, who consist of women with a range of backgrounds, positions and seniority. WIND has developed a mentoring program to establish mentoring relationships.  

We want to help you succeed.

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