One-On-One Education and Mentoring

WIND currently has over 2,300 members in the financial industry, which consist of women with a range of backgrounds, positions and seniority. WIND aims to pair its senior members with junior members to create individualized education and mentoring opportunities for junior women, which are critical to their success. Studies have shown that woman who found mentors through formal programs were 50 percent more likely to be promoted than women who found mentors on their own. WIND has developed a specific method of pairing. The Mentorship Program is generously supported by our sponsors. No matter where you are in your career, you may always feel that you need a mentor.

The Mentoring Program Committee was developed by and is chaired by Marisol Collazo, Managing Director DTCC Solutions and Supurna Vedbrat, Managing Director and Co-Head of Electronic Trading & Market Structure at BlackRock.


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